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Our security systems protect your business with 24-hour monitoring and access control so you know who is inside and what that person is doing. We can wire exterior and interior doors, cabinets, display cases, and just about anything else that you need to secure. For full protection, you can have us integrate your security systems with your fire alarm systems. It's like having an on-site security guard on duty all night long!

Complete security for your business

Proudly licensed by the Texas DPS and the Texas State Fire Marshal's Office.

TX Lic # B09970

ACR 1750867

    • 24-hour monitoring

    • Fire alarm systems

    • Electronic door locks

    • Access control systems

    • Installation in existing

       buildings or new construction

Take comfort in a wide range of alarm services

With advanced electronic systems, you can easily change permissions to give or deny access to a given employee. You don't need to track multiple keys or have the locks changed when you have personnel changes. When we've installed an access control system, you can quickly and efficiently decide who gets to go where and when that person can do it. For more information, check out our access control systems page.

Programmable electronic systems save you time and money


of your home or business.


Electronic door lock with a hand inputting lock code