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Have you ever struggled with managing keys in your business? Tried to get keys back from an employee who left the company? Had only one set of keys that two different people needed to have? The solution to your problem is one of our access control systems. When you have an access control system, changing permissions is a snap. With some systems, you can even do it from home.

You'll never lose another workplace key

Proudly licensed by the Texas DPS and the Texas State Fire Marshal's Office.

TX Lic # B09970

ACR 1750867

Our preferred systems come from Linearcorp, a proven industry leader and the manufacturer of the eMerge Series and Hub Max II Access Control Systems. You get a major brand installed and maintained by a local business.

You get security from an industry leader

Your access control system can employ a variety of entry methods to give you maximum flexibility.

You get scalability and versatility to fit YOUR business


of your home or business.


    • Proximity readers

    • Biometric readers

    • Office doors

    • Safe rooms

    • Storerooms

    • Garage doors

It's also scalable to your business and can control dozens of doors or just a few.

    • Keypads

    • Card access

A biometric system scannning a finger